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Why you should get a geographic domain name

The number of top-level domain names (or TLDs, like .com, .net, .org, .whatever) has exploded since 2012, when hundreds of new gTLDs, or generic top-level domains, were launched.

Geographic domains for specific cities, regions, or countries were among the new gTLDs launched and these sometimes require a local presence to register them.

Thanks to our local presence (Trustee) service, that’s no longer a problem!

Guaranteed “local presence”

Geographic domains offer nearly infinite options for great websites. They’re useful for anyone, including:

  • Individuals and companies connected to a particular geographic area and whose websites are on domain names that invoke that connection in order to build trust in their products
  • International companies that want to have localized domain names for as many geographic areas in which they do business as possible or want to protect their brands in those areas
  • Local companies that want to stand out by picking original domain names, for example

Restrictions and local presence (Trustee) service

Certain TLDs, like .tokyo, are open to everyone. However others, like .no (for Norway), can only be registered by local people and companies.

In other words, some registries require a local presence in order to register a domain name in their “territory.”

So how do you fulfill this requirement without actually being present in the geographical area corresponding to the domain you want? Using Gandi’s trustee service!

You can even use this service for free, automatically for some TLDs (.asia,

And for TLDs that require a Corporate pack—when we’ve turned to a local partner—the trustee service costs money.

Local presence (Trustee) 2019: easy purchase without unwelcome surprises

We’ve offered a local presence (Trustee) service already for some time, both in its free form and its paid form but today, the service has evolved.

If you are currently using the free Trustee service, you’ll now see that in your admin space.

As for the paid version, whenever activating this requires contacting Customer Care, this is now automated and displayed directly in the order. Now you can see the price of the service and it will show in the shopping cart when you register a domain name.

Ready to register a geographic domain name (or others)?

N.B. : Certain registries do not permit us to provide this service for their TLDs. This is most notably the case with and .ca.