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Simple Hosting WordPress: a new Gandi service

Are you looking for a way to easily launch and manage your website from a single interface? We are now introducing a new service on gandi.net that will make your life easier: Simple Hosting WordPress.

Thanks to Simple Hosting WordPress, the entire process of installing and configuring your site is taken care of automatically, making it incredibly easy and fast to launch a new website, even for beginners.

Step 1: choose and register a domain name

First off, you’ll need to have bought a domain at Gandi to connect to your website. Basically, this will be the URL that people will type into the address bar of their browsers to access your site.

That’s why it’s so important to choose the right domain name: it should be short, simple, memorable, and easy to say outloud. Check out 7 tips for choosing a winning domain name for your startup for more information.

Use the Domain search bar to see if your domain name is available and register it right away.

Step 2: Choose your hosting option

Next, you’ll need to choose a hosting solution for your site. Thanks to Simple Hosting WordPress, you can install your CMS (Content Management System) directly from your Gandi control panel. You can enjoy all the advantages of WordPress and its features while managing your domain, hosting, and CMS from a single platform: your Gandi account!

Step 3: Install Simple Hosting WordPress

WordPress simplifies the creation of your site and lets you launch it instantly using themes (site templates that can be customized). In 4 minutes, your WordPress site is ready and you can then put new pages online, promote your blog or products and services, start getting indexed by search engines, get visitor statistics, etc. The installation only takes a couple minutes and is completely automatic. To start, select one of your domain names and let us guide you through the creation process. First, choose how powerful of a Simple Hosting instance you want, from S+ to XXL. We recommend for most purposes size M (you can also change this at any point).

Select a domain name to connect to your WordPress site, then choose the name of your site: nameofsite.yourdomainname.com, for example. Complete the payment as well as the security emails for your SSL certificate. In 2–5 minutes you’ll get an email with all the information needed to finalize the configuration of your WordPress site.

Good news! If this is your first Simple Hosting instance, you can get 50% off your first order (of 1, 3, 6, or 12 months).

So don’t wait! Get started with Simple Hosting WordPress today!