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How to sell domain names on your own site

Want to become a reseller of domain names?

At Gandi, you can! And your customers will see only your interface, without any mention of Gandi. Thanks to the new plug-in available on the WHMCS Marketplace, you can become a reseller of Gandi domain names in just a few clicks.

What is WHMCS? 

WHMCS is a tool used to easily manage domain names and hosting on your own platform. The Gandi plugin now available on the WHMCS Marketplace lets you connect to the Gandi API and resell Gandi domain names to your customers. With our add-on, you can automate the provisioning and management of domain names in your own WHMCS system.

Check out this video presentation for more information:

How to get the Gandi WHMCS plugin

The plugin for managing Gandi domain names in WHMCS is completely free and is available here: It lets you automatically verify the availablility of domain names in real time, register them, manage their DNS nameservers, automatic renewals, and more.

What’s more, the source code for this plug-in is completely open source. If you see a way you could improve the plug-in, you’re free to do so.

Of course, if you want to provide a more personalized integration for your customers, our API is still the most flexible and complete option. You may choose to either use the completed API v4 or try the new API v5 that we’re still adding to (this is what WHMCS uses). The API v5 doesn’t yet let you manage 100% of Gandi products but works for all basic domain name functions.

Interested in more information about what it means to be a reseller?

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