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Why become a Gandi reseller? AssoConnect tells their story

AssoConnect is a reseller of Gandi domain names. The company manages a portfolio of domain names at Gandi for its customers. To get to know the company a little better, we met with Alvina, a Product Manager at AssoConnect, who manages product conception, and among others, the use they make of Gandi’s services.
Alvina Gervy, Product Manager
What is AssoConnect? AssoConnect is a company that provides all-in-one software for managing non-profit organizations. That’s a veritable revolution for an economic sector sometimes outside the reach of the latest technological innovations (half of the 1.5 million such organizations in France are using outdated tools and the other half don’t even have any). Thanks to our web platform, managers and volunteers can save an enormous amount of time that they can then use to focus on their project rather than on administration. That way, organizations get access to a comprehensive tool that’s both simple and intuitive to keep all of their activities going over time.
What we want to do is help non-profits change the world. That’s why our software is made exclusively for them, bringing together several tools in order to ensure optimum automatization. For example, what we offer them is a database, the option to create a website, to automate their compatibility, to manage memberships, and collect donations online … Could you share some specific figures? We’re currently the only European platform that brings together all the necessary tools required to manage an association. It’s been five years since AssoConnect started. Our team has 35 people and we currently assist some 10,000 French associations of various sizes and in various areas. That makes about 2 million members of associations that are managed by AssoConnect’s platform. In 2017, we raised 2 million Euros, the largest fundraising in the area of technology for associations the whole year. And according to an internal poll, we allowed our associations to save 1.4 million hours of work in 2018!
The AssoConnect team
Why did you choose Gandi? We’ve been Gandi resellers basically from the beginning. One of the main reasons is that our CTO, one of our founders, was already familiar with Gandi. And then, we wanted to go with a French company, and one that shared our values. Above all when it comes to the responsiveness of the Customer care team which is always very responsive and very clear. Furthermore, the prices at Gandi allowed us to offer fair prices to associations. In addition to all of that, V5 is super easy to use. You don’t need deep technical knowledge to set up a domain name, it’s very accesible. I was even able to manage the migration and setup of 350 domain names myself, and much quicker than I could have expected. How has Gandi helped you along the way? Gandi has helped us by simplifying and automating every aspect of domain name management. Our customers’ volunteers are still unfamiliar with the world of domain names. We have a reseller account at Gandi, which is what permits us to offer the domain name mangement service, otherwise if our customer asks us for a recommended registrar, we point them towards Gandi. Generally, we get two types of requests: either the person wants their own Gandi account and in that case we just do the basic setup, otherwise we manage domain names directly via our reseller account. That frees them from having to manage it themselves. We currently have nearly 500 domain names at Gandi.
The AssoConnect mascot
What are your current goals?  What we would like to do is simplify our platform as much as possible. Today, the goal is to keep going along that path and to equip more associations and networks. One of our biggest challenges this year is international development. We’re currently at the first step of that, which is to translate our software into English. For the moment, I’m buying domain names for French and Belgian accounts, but who konw, maybe in a few months we’ll be working with Gandi in other parts of the world! Find out more about AssoConnect on their website Offer our services to your customers as though they were your own: become a Gandi reseller!