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Gandi Social Club, 2nd edition!

The Gandi Social Club is an annual event that brings together a dozen associations, projects, non-profits, and educational groups in our Paris headquarters, letting participants meet each other and present on what they’ve been up to.

The second annual Gandi Social Club took place on October 8, 2019.

What is the Gandi Social Club?

Invitees to the Gandi Social Club included projects supported by Gandi from between 10 years and 10 days. Gandi Supports projects are an essential piece of our DNA. We wouldn’t be Gandi without them. For close to 15 years, we’ve been investing in alternative projects to help spread the word about Gandi.

The Gandi Social Club is organized with the support of our partner PIR registry, the registry for .org, the preferred domain for non-profits and associations. Currently, Gandi Social Club is a private, invite-only event, mostly due to space constraints.

How does the Gandi Social Club take place?

Every invitee briefly presents what they do and then talks about some of the things they currently need and offers to share some of their skills. Why? To help foment discussion, links, exchanges, even collaborations between the invitees by the end of the meet-up.

Even though each one of our Gandi Supported projects has strong core competencies, they looking for things that seem easy to others. In the course of talking about strengths and needs, each invitee has it’s “revelations” and will quite simply, find its counterpart.

Schools are also involved with these requests and their students often enthusiastically participate in fulfilling some of the needs of other projects as part of their studies. That way, students and projects alike benefit and the values of the organizations involved can communicate their values and in turn learn from students.

For the first edition, the schools In’Tech and HETIC came to present their organizations. This year, the school O’Clock was there to talk about their fascinating remote learning model.

Great turnout to the 2019 edition of the program!

On October 8, we hosted eight of our supported projects. Find out more about the invitees in the short video below

We couldn’t invite everyone, but we can share with you these few moments 🙂 The complete video of this second edition will be available very soon on our YouTube channel.

If you want to get more information about the Gandi Social Club or about Gandi Supports projects, contact us at with a description of your project.