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Protect your Swiss and Liechtensteinian domain names with Registry Lock

Attempts at pirating domain names (domain hijacking) are getting more and more frequent and as such, it’s important to protect your more strategic domain names. The Registry Lock protection system is not only available for domains offered by Verisign (.com and .net) and AFNIC (.fr) but also for some thirty other domains, largely country-code domains.

Today, the Switch registry (.ch and .li) will begin offering the service.

What is Registry Lock

Registry Lock is a tool for additional security on your domain names. It’s an added protection at the level of the registry. With Registry Lock, any sensitive update to your domain name is blocked at the level of the registry and can only be done by a small number of Gandi employees specifically authorized by the registry.

Without this type of manual validation it’s impossible to do any of the following:

  • Change DNS servers
  • Transfer a domain name
  • Modify domain contacts
  • Delete a domain name

Only the registrar (in our case, that’s Gandi) can unblock the domain at the registry making any involontary, accidental, or malevolent update to your domain name impossible.

We’d rather you not find out first hand the exact financial consequences or impact on your reputation that can result from a large scale attack on your domain name. That’s why it’s important to have Registry Lock implemented on sensitive and valuable domain names that are essential to your business.

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