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Support O’clock in the Google Impact Challenge!

For the second time in France, Google is organizing the Google Impact Challenge, that this year will be rewarding innovative projects on the theme of inclusion. The O’clock project, which is part of the Gandi Supports program, is among the challenge’s ten finalists and we encourage you to show your support by voting for them!

A digital school

O’clock, which calls their program the Digital Grande École, is among the projects supported by Gandi. They offer job trainings for web developers in  way that makes a break with existing web schools thanks to its unique remote teaching format.

This year, O’clock is among ten finalists for the Google Impact Challenge, which is open to projects with at least 3 million Euros in financing and oriented towards the world of non-profits and social enterprises.

The Momentum project

O’clock is participating the challenge with its Momentum program, which aims to become the baseline platform for finding out about professions in the digital realm, hoping to expose at least 20,000 young people to more than 50 professions per year through 2024.

The goal is to stoke a passion for the digital world in young people and to help them take a decisive step towards their future careers.

Two key insights led to the creation of Momentum:

  • Many young people today have neither a job nor the necessary training and are unsure of which professional route to follow
  • O’clock has also observed that the digital world is both passionate about the work being done and is recruiting at a rapid rate

More concretely, young people can access short presentations in video format in order to find out about different areas of work.

They can then sign up for 2–5 day remote learning workshops, presented by  committed professionals and O’clock contributors. These workshops take place by live video in a virtual classroom and aim to very concretely show what different web professions (web developer, e-commerce jobs, SEO expert, webmaster, community manager) and graphic design professions (UX/UI designer, web designer, 2D infographics designer, photo retoucher) are all about.

These workshops are free and unlimited and open to all. At the end of the workshops, young people can be individually counseled and directed towards professional trainings offered by O’clock’s partners.

By participating in the Google Impact Challenge, O’Clock could win 600,000 Euros with which to finance Momentum. Prizes will be awarded on November 19, 2019!

Participate the Google Impact Challenge and vote for Momentum before November 12!