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What’s .inc and why you should use it

With the launch of .inc in May, businesses now have the opportunity to upgrade their current domain name and rank in Google. Short for incorporated, .inc has already become a popular choice for businesses of all sizes, including over 25% of Forbes “Most Valuable Brands.”

One reason businesses are switching to .inc is availability of the best possible names – all released for one flat price, including 1-3 letter initials and SEO-rich keywords like Apps.inc, Jewelry.inc, and Resorts.inc.

Flash sale of 30% off on .inc domains for November

Until November 30, 2019, the first year of your .inc domain name is available for just $1,437.00* (normally $2,065.23* per year), only at Gandi.

To take advantage of this deal, check to see if your .inc domain is available:

With your .inc registration, get over $2,500 in free Member Benefits from brands like Delta Air Lines, Square, and Google Ads—with an additional 2 free premium email addresses exclusively for Gandi customers.

How are brands using their .inc domains?

Design.inc, registered by Slidebean Inc, is one of the best domains this design agency could use alongside their main Slidebean.com website. It is a succinct and memorable web address to highlight their favorite projects and build on their reputation as an award-winning design firm. As an international company based out of Costa Rica and the US, using an internationally recognized .inc domain was also a great alternative to .cr or .us, as it would not geographically limit their visibility in Google search results like most ccTLDs.

Contact.inc found the perfect domain name for their business – they simply moved the dot from Contact Inc. to Contact.inc to get a web address with no extra characters. Using a .inc domain also gives their website instant credibility without breaking the bank. Less memorable domains like ContactOn.com and ContactCenters.com have sold for over $15,000 each in the aftermarket!

Story.inc is a new travel planning and vlogging platform. As a Canadian startup located in Taiwan, this business needed an international domain that would resonate with entrepreneurs who would be listing services on their website. Not only did they save thousands by registering Story.inc instead of domains like StoryKids.com (sold for $37,500) or TrueStory.com (sold for $20,000), but they’re also able to grow their business with their .inc Member Benefits to issue a free GlobeNewswire press release, get design services from 99designs, and more.

This November is your chance to register the best domain name for your business. With no limitations or restrictions on how you use your domain, be creative and upgrade to a shorter .inc domain, get your company’s initials, or secure top keywords like Coding.inc, Consulting.inc, and Dr.inc.

Search for your .inc domain here and get 30% off until November 30, 2019:

*Prices in USD. See .inc info page for local pricing.