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Gandi v4 customer web interface closing

The Gandi v5 platform has been deployed now for about 2 years. Many features have been added to it and we continue to update and improve it regularly.

With this in mind, in 2021, we are planning to definitively close the v4 customer web interface*.

Update on features

Nearly all Gandi v4 features are available on the new interface. Here are a few notable ones:

Advanced search

The advanced search in “table view” mode lets you filter domain names by different criteria, like top-level domain (TLD), owner, tag, expiration date, etc.


You can add one or more tags to your domain name(s). This lets you apply filters on your list of domains and to easily identify those that share certain characteristics. Tags are visible to and can be managed by all users with access to a particular domain name.


You can also put a note on your domain name(s), letting you add additional details about it. All users with access to a domain name can manage the notes on it.

Configuration templates

A configuration template lets you apply DNS records on one or more domain names in the same way that in Gandi v4 you would associate a zone file to multiple domain names.

Teams and permissions

You can manage Gandi products (domain names, Simple Hosting, Cloud servers, etc.) via a collaborative system—”organizations”—that lets you delegate rights to manage your products through the use of “teams.”

Automatic snapshots

Each time someone makes an update to your domain’s DNS zone, the previous version is saved to allow the user to restore the previous zone.

… and many more

In a future email, we’ll be informing you of the definitive date of closure for Gandi v4 as well as new features available.

Furthermore, all users who have not yet migrated to Gandi V5 will be contacted by email beforehand to be assisted in this migration.

What if you have already migrated your account to Gandi v5, but you don’t remember your username or password?

Navigate to and click on the link “Forgot your username or password?” You’ll then need to enter the email address associated with your Gandi account in order to receive an email reminding you of your Gandi v5 username and allowing you to reset your password.

* the v4 customer interface, not to be confused with the v4 API, which will remain available.