A price increase on .com?

Verisign and ICANN are currently negotiating an update to the .com contract and notably are considering removing the price freeze and discussing future price increases.

Historically, in addition to the contract between ICANN and Verisign for the management of the .com domain, .com has also been covered by a contract between Verisign and the United States government.

In October 2018, an update to the contract between Verisign and the US Government removed a price freeze at a base price of $7.85 in place since 2012 (Amendment 35 (October 26, 2018)).

Changes to the contract between Verisign and ICANN

Now, Verisign and ICANN are negotiating an update to their own .com contract, notably including removal of the price freeze and possible price increases.

Verisign will be authorized to raise the price of .com domain names by 7% maximum per year over the next four years. The US government contract also gives Verisign the option to repeat this annual price increase over the last four years by periods of six years starting October 26, 2018. The first price increase may take place as soon as October 26, 2020. Taking into account the maximum allowed price increase that Verisign can apply, the price of .com for registrars could reach $10.26 for registrars within four years.

Impact of price increases on Gandi prices

Verisign will notify in advance all registrars accredited to sell .com domain names of any price increase.

Gandi will then raise our pricing accordingly on our own pricing grids. For more information and a reminder of the services included with all domain names registered at Gandi, please see the open letter by Stephan Ramoin, CEO of Gandi.

The contract amendment is open to public consultation

Up to now, no date has been announced for the implementation of this price increase and the new .com contract between Verisign and ICANN is available for public consultation.

You can read the planned modifications and send comments to ICANN (until February 14, 2020).