The Gandi Community

20 years of Gandi—let the celebration begin!


In 2020, is celebrating our 20th anniversary. The little French company that could, taking on U.S.-based monopolies, has in two decades positioned itself among the main actors in domain name registration and hosting with the slogan, “No Bullshit.”

For this anniversary, we’ve got fun and games throughout the year.

What’s on the itinerary

  • a contest to design the official Gandi 20th anniversary collector t-shirt
  • an online drawing (to come)
  • a treasure hunt
  • a brand new referral program: refer a friend (beta version available soon in your customer interface)

On board the Gandi One, a one-of-a-kind, state-of-the-art spatiotemporal craft our teams have been developing in secret, you’ll explore space and time, participate in games, and win from among thousands of prizes. A final drawing among all the email addresses registered throughout the course of the different games and contests will select the lucky winner of a trip to Paris, San Francisco, or Luxembourg.

Design the official Gandi 20th anniversary collector t-shirt

The Gandi t-shirt, already a collector’s item in its own right, will have a 20th anniversary edition too. Starting today, February 2, 2020, design the t-shirt of your dreams—colors, logos, symbols, a whole gallery of options awaits to create your design in just a few clicks. The 3 designs that get the most likes and retweets on Twitter using the hashtag #PrintMyGandi will become the official collectible Gandi 20th anniversary t-shirt. We’ll print a limited edition run of 500 t-shirts of each design and send 10 copies to each of the winners. Then we’ll be selling them to benefit Gandi-supported projects—projects we’ve chosen to support throughout the years financially, technically, administratively, or with the work of our employees. Winners will get to choose for profits from the sale of their design to go to one of the projects from the following list of supported projects:

  • Bibliothèque Sans Frontières
  • Exodus Privacy
  • Framasoft
  • HAND
  • L214
  • OpenStreetMap
  • Reconnect
  • Tela Botanica
  • Sea Shepherd
  • FIDH

And the cherry on top is that the design with the most votes will win a Fairphone, the ethical phone that cares for the planet and the well-being of its inhabitants.

Don’t wait to create your Gandi 20th anniversary t-shirt!

An online drawing every 20th of the month in 2020

March is the true birthday of Gandi. And we’ve got something big planned to celebrate. Starting March 20, 2020 and from there every 20th of the month for just 24 hours, we’ll be doing a drawing to pick a winner for any of thousands of prizes: discount coupons on domains and hosting, t-shirts, and tech goodies will be up for grabs. We’ll also be reprinting some of our classic t-shirts to throw in the mix.

Treasure hunt

To finish out the year the right way, starting in October 2020, treasure hunt participants will be invited to solve 5 mysteries in the least amount of time possible in order to help the Gandi team discover the mysterious lost domain.

Refer a friend—a brand new referral program

Historically, Gandi has built our customer base through the word of mouth recommendations of our happy customers.

For our 20th year anniversary, we’ll obviously keep that approach. But we also want to thank you for your confidence and trust through a new referral program: Refer a friend.

Recommend a product to a friend, let them discover the Gandi difference, and share a welcome offer. When your referred friend makes a purchase on, you’ll also get a gift card to use for any of our products.

And when you refer 3 friends, we’ll send a special surprise, delivered to your door.

To learn more—please visit the Gandi 20th anniversary page.