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FIDH, human rights defender

With Thursday February 20, 2020 being the World Day of Social Justice, Gandi encourages you to get involved in the fight against human rights violations with FIDH, the International Federation for Human Rights (or Fédération Internationale pour les Droits Humains in French, from which the acronym FIDH is derived). FIDH is an NGO founded by twenty national leagues that we are proud to count among our supported projects. Read on to find out more about what they do!

The scope of FIDH

In 1922, the FIDH was born and became the first international human rights NGO, protecting civil, political, economic, social, and cultural rights. The federation very quickly distinguished itself with considerable achievements like the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the creation of a permanent international criminal court. Through the years, the activities of FIDH have gotten bigger: the fight against Nazism at the dawn of the movement up to the liberation of political prisoners in Myanmar in 2012, FIDH acts in all areas. Today, the federation operates in 177 countries and brings together 192 national human rights organizations. FIDH fights at the regional, national, and international levels against all violations of human rights and holds those who commit them responsible. As a non-profit organization, FIDH operates in complete transparency, thanks to involving its member organizations in the core activities of the organization as well as a network of volunteers to ensure transparency.

Gandi supports FIDH

Since 2006, Gandi has actively supported the organization. Over the course of the past thirteen years, we’ve provided various services to FIDH. Today, this support takes the form of several dozen domain names as well as access to special pricing for hosting services. Finally, Gandi engages directly with FIDH by partnering with them in their digital projects, notably by lending them support and expertise on mobile apps and websites, and in inviting them to promote their activities as with the 2018 edition of the “Gandi Social Club.”

Do FIDH’s activities speak to you? Participate in our t-shirt design contest and profits from the sale of your design could go to them! And if you want to support them directly, make a donation to them on their website today.