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For our 20th anniversary, Gandi supports Libraries without borders

For our anniversary, we’re shining a spotlight on our partners in the Gandi supports program.

Through our t-shirt contest we’re highlighting the partners who will serve as beneficiaries. The three winning designers will each receive 10 copies of their design and will choose which Gandi Supports project proceeds from the sale of their design will go to.

Additionally, the first place winner of the t-shirt design contest will win a Fairphone, the ethical phone that cares for the planet and the well-being of its inhabitants.

Who is Libraries without borders?

Created in 2007, Libraries without borders is a French NGO that takes access to knowledge as a fundamental right. Its mission is to allow the free exercise of that right to each person and the inclusion and emancipation of all. Making both virtual and physical, stationary and mobile libraries available is its principal prerogative and their tools allow each person the means to better understand the world.

Their main role is to teach by creating libraries in universities and educational establishments. Making educational digital content available to professors also lets them adopt a better pedagogical approach as well.

They also provide equipment and technology to existing libraries as well as donate books, educate librarians, and maintain a network of libraries they operate for the cultural and social well-being of people in need. For that, the NGO has created a system of digitized data, sorted by age range, ethnicity, language, and religion so that works and other supports are adapted to the readers’ individual profiles.

Currently, Libraries without borders is one of the main NGOs working in the education and self-development via books. They’ve already changed the lives of more than 6 million people in 50 countries across the blog. In Africa in particular, they are supervising the development of centers of pedagogical documentation by participating in the financing of paper and electronic resources.

In France, Libraries without borders also works on making it so that everyone has access to these tools and means. For example, the NGO has observed that open hours for libraries often aligns with those of offices—from 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM. Students and workers, then, find it difficult to access libraries and cannot fully benefit from this cultural opportunity. Libraries without borders has therefore launched a “Open libraries more” campaign to keep libraries open in the evening, during school breaks, and on Sundays.

Gandi supports Libraries without borders

The “Gandi Supports” program supports projects that aim to do good (to the planet, to animals, to minorities, etc.) or contribute to the free software industry, particularly in terms of the protection of data privacy. This support translates into assistance via Gandi products, our advice, and our experience in order to provide real help in accordance with the needs of the project in question.

Libraries without borders is one of those supported projects.

Our support today takes the form of the registration of about twenty domain names and hosting services consisting of two fairly large servers and 1 TB of Cloud storage. These data are stored by us and Libraries without borders copies them directly onto harddrives on their computers in places that don’t have access to an internet connection.

If you want to support them too, let your creativity loose by designing the Gandi 20th anniversary collector’s t-shirt and sharing your design on Twitter with the hashtag #PrintMyGandi. You have until April 3 to participate.

Up to 500 copies of each of the top 3 most popular designs (by number of Likes and Retweets) will be sold on our online store with benefits going to the Gandi Supports project of the winners’ choice.

Support Libraries without borders by making a donation