Updates and releases

Make sure to register your .uno for the best possible price!

Starting March 3, 2020, new registrations of .uno domain names will be undergo a price adjustment.

An upward price revision for new customers

Radix, the registry now in charge of selling .uno domain names, will be putting a new pricing structure in place for this domain. This increase will be applied to registrations starting on March 3, 2020.

Here are the new pricing grids applicable starting on this date:

  • A rates: $28.86*/year (current rate: $19.36*/year)
  • B rates: $27.64*/year (current rate: $18.55*/year)
  • C rates: $24.45*/year (current rate: $16.41*/year)
  • D rates: $21.11*/year (current rate: $14.16*/year)
  • E rates: $18.53*/year (current rate: $12.43*/year)

Pricing policy not updated for domains already registered

If you already have a .uno domain name, there’s no need for concern on your part. All domain names registered before March 3, 2020 will continue to be subject to the current renewal pricing schedule.

So if you’ve been waiting to register your .uno domain, now’s the time to do it!

*Prices listed in USD. See the .uno info page for local pricing.