The Gandi Community

Honoring women in the tech industry

This International Women’s Day, Gandi would like to honor the women that make Gandi and the entire tech industry work.

Women at Gandi

Soraya, Carole, Danielle, Laurence, Clara, Delphine, Marie, Céline, Chrystelle, as well as Giovanna, Ilana, Estelle, Anaïs, and Flora … these are the names of just some of the women involved in our collective project who bring their strength to the day to day challenges we face. And over the years, the number of women at Gandi keeps growing; truly a source of pride for us.

That’s why we want to make a point of ensuring representativeness in our teams, and we’ve added 11 new women to our teams since September 2019 alone, a trend that we want to accelerate and continue. But in a male-dominated industry, ensuring representation by women can be challenging. So if Gandi’s values pique your interest, please feel free to apply to our various open positions.

Join us, take part in our “Girls’ Lunches”, and improve our women/men ratio, today at 87/100.

Django Girls Paris: the women-only programming workshop

In the spirit of promoting women in tech, and as part of the Gandi Supports program, Gandi is proud to host Django Girls Paris on May 8–9, 2020. Taking the form of a women-only workshop and in a supportive environment, 35 future programmers will learn to code thanks to Django, the Python framework on which sites and applications like Instgram and Pinterest are based.

By partnering with the organization Django Girls Paris, Gandi—longtime supporter of open source projects and ourselves Python users—seeks to promote the development of digital skills amongst women and encourage them to join the tech industry. Whether you’re thinking about changing career paths or looking to start out on your first one, this event is for you!

So celebrate International Women’s Day by committing to programming and the world of tech!