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Gandi supports Paris Web

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The famous festival of best practices for the French web is held every year in Paris and brings together more than 600 people (a constantly growing number). Paris Web has existed since 2005 and has been supported by Gandi since 2010. While the agenda for the 2020 edition (October 1–3) just came out, we’ll tell you more about this event.

What’s Paris Web?

Paris Web is an annual meeting where internet professionals present to other internet professionals. All parts of the profession are represented from back-end developer to UX designer. There’s something for everyone. What’s so special about this conference? For one, it’s oriented towards Internet best practices. For another, it supports inclusion, accessibility, and sharing: everything needed to make an internet for everyone.

For three days (two days of talks and one day of workshops), you only need to choose talks based on your tastes and your interests and you should easily fill up your day.

At the previous year’s event, in 2019, the organization offered 50 different talks! And while we’re speaking of accessibility, Paris Web is the first to apply the principle: all talks were given with simultaneous sign language translation and, in the largest conference rooms, was retranscribed live using velotype (live subtitle transcription). And beyond that, on the last day (normally Saturday), some of the quickly filled spots are reserved for practical workshops, obviously around the web. If you want to have a preview of the quality of the talks given at past sessions, get comfortable and click here!

Paris Web and the Coronavirus?

Obviously this year will be very different from previous years. Due to public health restrictions, the organization of such an event in the same circumstances as in previous years is not really possible …

But our friends at Paris Web have worked hard to provide an alternative, socially distanced solution, where the comfort of your own desk will replace the usual warmth and friendliness of the conference rooms.

The “Workshop” day will suffer a bit from this format but will nonetheless take place, with much few spots than usual, since these will still be in-person meetings (with masks of course). For more information on how this year’s event will take place, feel free to consult this year’s program. Sign-ups are currently open, and if you’ve never attended due to distance (yes, not everyone lives near Paris), well now’s an excellent time to check it out and no doubt fall in love with this event.

Gandi supports Paris Web

The relationship between Paris Web and Gandi is a long love story: in the beginning, they needed resources for hosting their young organization and knew Gandi for our involvement in the Open Source community and our ethical commitment. On the Gandi side, we were already fans of their program and couldn’t help but raise up the actors of the French web.

Later on, Paris Web offered to distribute freebies to participants, and you probably know our taste in swag, right? Logically, we offered a t-shirt, THE official t-shirt, different every year, with a different creator each time, even. And each design has it’s own little story 🙂

In summary

Don’t miss the 2020 edition of Paris Web because of the public health crisis: they thought of that! And, for newbies, this is the best chance to find out just how high quality their work is. In short, sign up!