“You can be an entrepreneur!” That’s Adie’s raison d’être. This French non-profit promotes access to entrepreneurship to everyone, and Gandi has supported their initiative since 2006.

Adie was created in 1989 and now has more than 140 branches across France, both in mainland France or in overseas territories. Their task is to defend the idea that anyone can become an entrepreneur, even those who lack capital or education. For 30 years, Adie has provided access to credit and professional and personalized mentorship on the basis of trust, solidarity, and shared responsibility.

What does Adie do?

Adie finances all types of professional activity up to € 10,000. This loan can serve to:

  • create or develop your business
  • purchase a vehicle or obtain licenses
  • insure your business
  • insure your vehicle

What’s more, Adie’s specialists provide free, personalized assistance to each project. This assistance helps get your project off the ground and online, and you can also participate in workshops, webconferences, as well as their “I’m becoming an entrepreneur,” training.

Their fact sheets also let any internet user benefit from their advice on a wide range of topics related to starting a business like, for example, “How do I create my business website?”, “How do I choose my legal status?” or event “How do I finance my business project?”

The organization also highlights the struggle against barriers and stereotypes that exist that prevent people from becoming entrepreneurs.

Gandi supports Adie

We’re proud that Adie is among the organizations that we support through the “Gandi Supports” program. The goal of this program is to help create a spirit of mutual aid and collaboration with different socially and environmentally minded organizations, and we select these groups on the basis of our shared values. Principally, these organizations defend the environment, animals, humans, and even the dream of a better digital world.

That’s why since 2006, Gandi has supported Adie by providing the registration and renewal of several domain names they use.

You can also support Adie by making a donation on their website.