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Gandi supports Bee Happy Honey

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Bee Happy Honey, the Paris and Nantes-based apicultural association is commited to more sustainable modes of production, read more about their story and the support that Gandi provides.

Who is Bee Happy Honey?

Bee Happy Honey (link in French) is an association of Parisian beekeepers that started in 2015. Their bees are kept in Paris and now in Nantes, with hives installed here and there throughout the city in what’s known as urban beekeeping. They aim to raise awareness about the environment among local residents.

To illustrate this, Bee Happy Honey also keeps hives in the forest of Landes, the “natural” environment for honeymaking. As Sandrine, a “HappyCultrice” (that is, a beekeeper), explained, they don’t treat their bees in a systematic way, and definitely don’t use any chemical treatments on their bees. Each hive is treated with individualized attention to determine its specific needs. This kind of eco-responsiblity can also be seen in their use of local, recycled materials and the nature that surrounds them like clay, sand, wood, straw, and rocks.

Different sections of their website advertise their honey, their propolis, pollen, and wax, and share their knowledge about bees and hives, but also the concerns and hopes of the beekeepers.

Also, you can learn more about bees and beekeeping through trainings, workshops, and other programming they offer.

Gandi supports Bee Happy Honey

Our mutual aid program, “Gandi supports” aims to collaborate with and highlight non-profits and other organizations that work for the good of the environment and society. This aid translates as assistance in the form of our added value (Gandi products, advice, and experience) so as to bring true, coherent support with the requirements of the beneficiary project. Bee Happy Honey is one of our supported projects.

To help support them, we do our utmost to ensure they’re able to carry out their activities successfully. Today that support comes in the form of connecting sought-after skills (science, smart beehive construction, educational programs) as well as technical advice and reduced rates on our products.

You can support them too by sponsoring a hive! (link in French)