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Gandi partners with the school ESGI

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As part of our Supported Projects, Gandi makes connections with partner schools in order to provide advice related to our business, internships in in-demand departments, but also professional solutions when needed. But even if our initial orientation is, naturally, towards schools that teach WebTech, it’s not exclusively the case, and we seek out collaborators in other areas as well.

ESGI, a national campus

ESGIis the largest work-study IT school in France. With a presence in six of France’s largest cities (Paris, Lyon, Grenoble, Reims, Aix-en-Provence, and Lille), it currently has a student body of around 1,900 students on their Paris campus alone. ESGI offers a variety of courses on the Web and grants diplomas recognized by the French government that offer vast possibilities in the career choices of its students.

After 2 years of common core courses where students learn IT, science and communication fundamentals, further courses are done as work-study. Students have the option to choose from among 9 web business specializations all while training professionally in one of 1,000 businesses that partner with ESGI.

Organizing Meetups and events like Web Day provides ESGI students the opportunity to attend conferences and workshops on themes related to web technologies where they can meet professionals and find out about the latest trends, new tools, and programming languages.

Planning and participating in Hackathons lets students challenge themselves by reuniting around a technical problem raised by a customer. They also have a week to work in teams under the mentorship of professionals and thoroughly respond to the customer’s needs.

In addition, thanks to its partnerships with 14 universities around the world, ESGI offers students the opportunity to try for a double degree or to spend a semester studying abroad.

Interacting with Gandi

After several meetings with Yves Skrzypczyk, Educational Director of the school, it seemed clear to us that we should collaborate on something. The first collaboration with students from the Parisian campus involved a Proof of Concept for our back office for our an upcoming site dedicated to supported projects: the Gandi Social Club.

In the end, it seems like an obvious choice: use the concept of student collaboration in an educational framework to streamline the collaboration process between Gandi supported projects and schools. In one semester, the project was completed with panache by four students from ESGI. It’s now deployed at Gandi and is ready to receive the first supported projects requests.

If you want to sign up or you just want to find out more about ESGI, please visit their website (link in French).