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Gandi partners with the school EFREI Paris

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Gandi is building connections with partner schools as part of our Supported Projects. The goals of these projects are to provide these schools with advice regarding our business, internships, and work-study in on-demand departments but also professional solutions for when schools request them. We first approached schools offering WebTech training, but our partnerships have become progressively more open to a wide variety of educational areas.

EFREI and its high-quality, professional training programs

EFREI Paris, a computer engineering school, offers state-recognized degrees spanning from the BTS (Brevet de technicien supérieur, a professional certificate for technical work in France) to a Masters, covering a wide range of IT careers.

With its specialized programs, EFREI offers the choice between various degrees that allow students to pursue a professional training course in a work-study program and an initial training as well. EFREI Paris is the premiere private school for software and computer engineers and mathematics according to Figaro Etudiant‘s 2021 ranking (link in French).

With EFREI, businesses are at the heart of the teaching method. Each year, the school organizes events like Job Dating for work-study positions, but also Talent Day, where more than 100 businesses come to meet students to take on as interns, for work-study positions, or scout prospects for new hires.

Students are also challenged through various projects. Notably, EFREI is implementing a “Tutored Project” and “Digital Challenge.” At these events, a real-world problem is given to students from a partner business or organization. They must then carry out a project in its entirety in order to present it in front of a panel of professional judges as well as the company or organization in question. Startup Week also inspires students to push themselves to their limit. They must submit website or mobile application ideas. Once the best ideas have been chosen, students form groups with the goal of developing projects related to these ideas. The winning group is offered a place in the EFREI Paris incubator for 6 to 12 months, allowing them to carry out their project. Finally, in the Information Security Challenge, students work together for three days on themes like data protection, data piracy, or even “social” algorithms, cryptography, etc. and then go head to head in a final competition: the Insomni’hack.

The Gandi-EFREI connection

The origin of the connection between EFREI and Gandi was an in-person conversation between Andreas Topp, the Educational Director, and our team.

Andreas is very involved in placing “his” students in professional roles. Commitment to open source, free software, the ethical sharing of the Internet, and ecology in the digital sphere are all values that are very close to his heart. Gandi has, for example, provided resources to the school for a student project against school bullying. But that’s not all, another example of Gandi’s support is our contribution to a project regarding Green IT. These common values constitute a significant link between our two organizations allowing us to help Gandi-supported projects advance thanks to the particular skills of EFREI’s students.

To apply to EFREI or to find more information, especially about the different programs available, feel free to visit EFREI’s website.