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New domain ending .cfd, in Sunrise starting March 11

After its purchase by the registry ShortDot, the domain ending .cfd will see a new Sunrise period from March 11 through April 12, 2021 (7:00 AM Pacific, 14:00 UTC). During this period, you can only register a .cfd domain if your brand name is registered with the TMCH (Trademark Clearinghouse), at a price of $777.29* for the first year.

Why register a .cfd domain name?

The .cfd domain ending, which stands for Clothing Fashion Design, is dedicated to the fashion world. Since this industry is very broad, encompassing millions of businesses, this domain ending is anticipated to generate a strong level of interest, raising the possibility of cybersquatting as well.

Beyond the industry it’s targeting, there are a few other aspects of .cfd that might make it a target for cybersquatting:

  • An accessible registration price ($47.87* per year in General Availability)
  • Open eligibility since no restrictions were set by the registry

Gandi Corporate Services’ advice

Initially dedicated to the world of finance (CFD in that case stood for Contracts for Difference), .cfd ultimately didn’t find a market when it was initially launched in 2015. This false start means that almost as many domains are available now as during its initial launch, with the difference being that its new orientation towards the fashion industry makes it more attractive to a wider audience.

Coupled with open registration and an accessible price, the risks of cybersquatting are real for businesses in the fashion industry.

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