You need DNS records in order to point your domain name (“”) or subdomain (““) to the corresponding server. That is to say, if your DNS settings are not correct, people will not be able to reach your site. That’s why DNS records are so important and why you should know how to edit them.

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Where can I edit my DNS resource records?

Editing DNS records is not as difficult as you might think. At Gandi, you can manage your domain names, and easily add, edit, or delete your DNS records in the same interface.

In today’s tutorial video, we’ll be showing you where to find your DNS records and how to update them using the Gandi domain dashboard.

Find out how in our latest video:

Sync your DNS zones with a Gandi new feature

In addition, to simplify the process of editing your DNS records, we recently released a new Linked Zones feature as another option to help you edit your domain names in bulk.

Learn more about this new feature as well as what he difference between Linked Zones and configuration templates is here:

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