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A .brand is an innovative and ambitious project

As a custom domain ending for your brand, a .brand contributes to promoting a good user experience. Embodying your digital identity, a .brand is your very own online space. You can control its security for your business and for internet users thanks to the enhanced control over domain names you get with a .brand.

In order to be successful and profitable, this project needs to be considered as a business-wide project. Investment in terms of both finances and human resources should be closely studied: these are the conditions of success of your .brand.

Involving teams long term

Implementing a .brand requires significant human resources. This multi-departmental project necessarily involves the investment of certain key areas in your business:

  • The IT department will be in charge of coordinating with the third-party technical backend provider of your domain ending as well as the internal implementation of tools for employees
  • The legal department will handle administrative and contractual procedures and requirements
  • The marketing department promotes and popularizes the use of your .brand within the company and guarantees consistent search engine ranking

The different teams working on this project should be able to work simultaneously on the various aspects of the project for months, in perfect cooperation with one another, through the following four key steps:

  • Opportunity study: this consists of determining a strategy and plan of action as well as choosing a technical back-end provider
  • Building an accreditation file: define your preferred registry model; complete and file your accreditation file
  • Compliance and technical deployment: validate the technical aspects together with the back-end registry and implement security measures (SSL, Registry Lock, DNSSEC, etc.)
  • Launch and use your .brand: Launch your domain ending in coordination with involved parties according to the launch plan you previously established according to your company’s specific needs

A significant financial investment

The fees related to implementing and using a .brand can be divided into initial fees and annual fees.

Initial fees include:

  • Applying to ICANN for up to $185,000
  • Services and contract with the Gandi Corporate Services team, between $30,000 and $50,000

Annual fees include:

  • Annual ICANN fees for using a .brand, up to $25,000
  • Technical management of a .brand by the back-end registry between $20,000 and $50,000
  • Escrow operator fees between $5,000 and $10,000

Allocating this budget reinforces the breadth and size of this project, which guarantees you control your brand identity from the very roots of the internet on up. It ensures total security and enhanced reliability for your customers. It allows you new marketing opportunities and positions you as a pioneer in your sector.

Please feel free to conact our Gandi Corproate Services team for a more detailed presentation on implementing a .brand. You can contact your Account Manager or email us at