Updates and releases

Gandi improves user experience using analytics tools

Gandi has always been, and will always remain, committed to the idea of the right to data privacy. You have a right to secure internet navigation and for your personal data to be handled in accordance with data protection laws.

We only collect the minimum personal data necessary to provide our service and analyze anonymous statistical data, and this commitment is why our website lacks the commonly seen cookie consent banner for adding Gandi.net cookies.

To simplify the management of your products and continue to develop our products and services, we selected an audience measurement solution that complies with the recommendations from the French National Commission on Informatics and Liberty (Commission nationale de l’informatique et des libertés or CNIL): AT Internet. Starting June 28, 2021, we will combine this solution with the one used up to now: Matomo. We will then develop our Matomo implementation to better meet our immediate traffic analytics needs.

Using this solution does not entail any change in our approach. We will not collect any more data than previously.

  • We will not track individual users and we will not reconstruct the navigation history of a user across multiple sessions
  • Any data collected will only be used for anonymous traffic statistics (number of pageviews, number of visits, return rates)
  • Any data collected will be limited to page visits, click-throughs generated (how many users visit a page by clicking a given button), traffic origin (search engine, social network, newsletter, etc.), and certain technical information (browser, screen resolution, etc.)
  • We will add an option to our Personal Data Protection Policy page that allows you to opt out of AT Internet cookie use for your visits to Gandi’s website

Security and respect for your personal data privacy are and will continue to be our priority. We’re working on implementing a 100% internal solution that will continue to keep data collection to a minimum.

Please feel free to share your feedback and commentary using our feedback form. We do read all of your feedback, and in fact, actively use it as a primary source for the continued development of our website.