こんにちは !

Aug 7, 2018  - written by

After several months of hard work, Gandi's website is now available in Japanese!

Gandi Cloud available on #gandiV5

May 18, 2018  - written by

We have started deploying the interface that allows you to manage your servers on our new website.

Improvements to domain name lists on #gandiv5

Apr 20, 2018  - written by

We've updated the way domain names are displayed on our new platform to make managing your Gandi ...

Domain configuration templates on #gandiv5

Apr 10, 2018  - written by

It is now possible to configure a domain name at the point of purchase or when you transfer it in.

A look back at 2017, the year of #gandiv5

Dec 21, 2017  - written by

After a year of gradually introducing you all to our new platform, #gandiv5, we thought it's time...

Update on #gandiv5 for our resellers

Oct 11, 2017  - written by

We thought our resellers and corporate customers would be able to start migrating to v5 this Octo...

SSL certificates on #gandiv5

Aug 16, 2017  - written by

SSL certificates have arrived on Gandi V5 and along with them, some other great changes leveragin...

#gandiv5: Ready for takeoff

Aug 4, 2017  - written by

As we approach the full launch date for #gandiv5, we're taking stock of what's still left to inte...

Introducing the new Gandi Mail

Aug 2, 2017  - written by

Our new version of Gandi Mail, now available on #gandiv5, offers improvements over the old version.