#gandiV5 Organizations and teams

06.19.2017 - written by

Understanding the new more dynamic and flexible rights management structure in #gandiv5

Moving to our new datacenter

05.22.2017 - written by

As we say hello to our new datacenter, we're saying goodbye to an old one.

The New Gandi News

05.22.2017 - written by

That's not a rocket in our pocket we're just happy to launch the new Gandi News site with a new C...

FR-SD3 is now open!

05.17.2017 - written by

We are happy to announce that our new data center in Paris, FR-SD3, is now in production.

Where we’re at with #gandiv5

05.05.2017 - written by

We're checking in on #gandiv5 and how it's coming along after launching our new platform last ...

FR-SD3: Official opening May 15, 2017

05.02.2017 - written by

Our new datacenter will soon be entering production

FR-SD3: Beta tests continue!

03.20.2017 - written by

We're extending the Beta testing phase

Simple Hosting, more storage space included

03.01.2017 - written by

20GB of storage included, instead of 10GB, for all instances.

FR-SD3 is now in Beta

02.27.2017 - written by

The next step towards the grand opening of our new data center in Paris