This spring, we introduced a new feature to help manage your domain names in bulk — linked DNS zones.

When you want to create groups of domain names that need to always have the same DNS configuration across all domains, you can use this linked zone feature.

Last month, we released an improvement on how this feature integrates into the domain search function on our domain dashboard.

Domain search

If you aren’t familiar with our domain search and you have at least one domain registered at Gandi, you can find it by clicking the “DOMAIN” tab on the left from your Gandi dashboard.

This will show you a list of all the domain names you have registered at Gandi as well as a search bar.

Simple view vs. Advanced view

There are two ways to look at your domain list — “Simple view” and “Advanced view.”

You can filter your domains in either of these two views. However, in Simple View, your filter options are limited while Advanced View offers a full suite of filter options. These advanced filter options include options to filter by linked zone.

Linked zone filter options

You can filter your domains to show domains linked to a particular linked zone, domains linked to any linked zone, and domains not linked to any linked zone.

This gives you a much quicker view of which domains use which linked zones, or don’t use any linked zones at all.

Filter from linked zone page

This update also enabled us to be able to link to a list of domains that use a particular linked zone from the linked zone page itself.

To see a list of domains that use a linked zone, click the “Tools” tab from your domain name list.

Then click “Manage” under “Linked zones.” This will take you to the linked zone management page.

Select your organization from the dropdown list of organizations and you’ll see the list of linked zones belonging to that organization.

In the “Linked to” column, you’ll see the number of domains a linked zone is linked to, and clicking that number will take you to a list of domain names, pre-filtered as using that linked zone.