Updates and releases

July 2021 release note — What’s new in our interface?

An old-fashioned computer terminal printing out a page with the Gandi logo, representing the latest updates to Gandi's platform in our release note

Welcome to Gandi’s release note for the month of July! Find out about the latest improvements, updates, and implementations of new features to help improve your user experience this month.

This month’s updates:

Filter domains by linked zone

It’s now possible to filter your list of domain names by the zone they link to. Now you can:

  • Show only domains linked to one or more zones
  • Show only domains without a zone linked
  • Also filter out domain names that use a particular zone

Changes for the email mailbox management and forwarding pages

We recently re-worked the email mailbox and mail forwarding pages to improve its readability and usability. Now you can:

  • Quickly see email quotas
  • Quickly configure your security options and settings
  • Edit, purge, or delete your mailboxes in just a few clicks

New icon to indicate the (lack of) option to activate a domain name’s transfer lock

For domain names that do not have a transfer lock available, we’re now using a new icon.

You can now more easily see what is and isn’t possible to do with your domains’ transfer lock.

Configuration templates get a new look

We also updated the box that provides details about a domain’s configuration template.

This box now provides more useful and relevant information at a glance:

  • the name of the configuration template applied to the domain name, with a link to view and edit its content
  • the status of applying the configuration template to the domain: in progress, applied, or failed
  • within the content of the configuration template: details as to what was not applied or what caused the error

Bug fixes

Domain name registration

Notification displayed when entering a domain name that’s either too long or contains a unicode character.

Email mailboxes and forwarding

It’s now possible to search by an entire email address, not just the name.


  • When sharing products that belong to multiple organizations, it was only possible to accept the sharing of products belonging to the first. This is no longer the case
  • When sharing products with someone who doesn’t have a Gandi account, the list of pending invitations had a bug. This has been corrected


We fixed a bug in Webauthn authentication in Safari on iOS browsers. You can now use TouchID or FaceID for multifactor authentication, as well as a Yubikey. Operational in Linux, Android, and Windows.