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Gandi supports the University of Technology of Compiègne

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At Gandi we work hard to be the ethical choice for creating your web presence. In this, we rely on the support of our customers and, in return, we support schools and other endeavours for the common good, whether or not their missions are directly related to the internet. We started by collaborating with schools directly linked to WebTech but today this is no longer necessarily the case. Gandi’s Supported Projects program aims to advise partner schools on the various professions practiced within our company, provide internship opportunities at Gandi and even offer business solutions as well, if needed.

UTC: University as well as engineering school

The University of Technology of Compiègne (or UTC; link in French) is a university offering full diplomas recognized by the French government at the same time as it’s an engineering school accredited by the French Comission des Titres d’Ingénieur (CTI). This school, where “innovation” is the order of the day, helps students understand the interactions between technology, the individual, and society.

UTC, with its 22 different courses of study in a wide variety of fields, awards diplomas ranging from Bachelor’s degrees to doctorates, including engineering and masters degrees. UTC also offers recognition of prior learning (via the French VAE process) which allows students to have their skills officially recognized on their diplomas. Courses are primarily based on themes like mechanical engineering, biological engineering, urban engineering, or even healthcare technology engineering. But what makes UTC special is that they also offer to link these technical courses with the humanities, economics, and political science.

This school, based in Compiègne (about 80 km or 50 miles north and east of Paris), also has a campus in Shanghai and more than 230 partnerships around the world. They offer their students study-stay opportunities, double diplomas, technical internships, or thesis/end-of-study projects abroad.

Collaboration between UTC and Gandi

Everything started with a chance meeting between a UTC professor and Gandi at the Capitole du Libre (a free, open-source software conference; link in French). From this encounter was born a close partnership that’s lasted since 2018. Since then, Gandi has provided hosting services to UTC when necessary, notably for the implementation of course applications for students, the ultimate beneficiaries of real professional resources. Gandi appreciates, in particular, UTC’s involvement in promoting free knowledge among its students. Providing resources in order to help UTC with this important task is an obvious choice.

Find out more about UTC, it’s campus, and it’s wide range of courses! (link in French)