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Opscidia launches its Science Checker tool

Opscidia — free scientific information!

Opscidia is a website (from France!) that seeks to make scientific information free and available to the public. For that, Opscidia uses open-source tools and open-access scientific literature. Gandi supports Opscidia in its quest to bring scientific knowledge to the masses.

Opscidia launches Science Checker

Science Checker, implemented by Opscidia, encourages users to ask questions in order to understand the relationship between an agent (object, substance, action, etc.) and a disease. To do this, you just enter three keywords into a search bar: an agent, an effect, and a disease. There are only four possible effects to link an agent to a disease: “increase,” “cause,” “prevent,” and “cure.” Let’s say, for example, we wanted to know the relationship between tobacco and cancer. Science Checker allows you to see whether tobacco increases the risk of cancer, causes cancer, prevents it, or cures it.

Once you’ve asked your question, the Science Checker tool searches the scientific literature and selects relevant articles that match the question you asked. Using this body of scientific work, Science Checker generates a percentage of “Affirmative,” or “Negative,” responses to the question asked as well as a level of confidence you should have in the articles the tool has selected.

Science checker, a fun and useful tool

With Science checker, you can get the answers to all your questions about the links between an agent and a disease, all in a fun, entertaining way.

The Science Checker tool is also very useful for sorting through the body of scientific articles about a particular scientific subject related to health. On the one hand, this tool lets you answer any given question. On the other hand, Science Checker gives you the link to the full article as well as the summary that answers a given question. That way, it allows users to access the content of various open-access, scientific articles.

You too can try the Science Checker tool for free, and get the answers to all your questions!