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The .zuerich domain ending is in Sunrise

The registry, the Canton of Zurich, has announced the release of .zuerich in the Sunrise phase, starting   30 August 2021 02h00 (Paris) and running until 29 October 2021 01h59 (Paris). During this phase, registration of .zuerich domain names is limited to those with trademarks registered with ICANN’s TMCH (Trademark Clearinghouse). That makes now the ideal time to register your domain name for $107.58* at A rates.

What are the eligibility requirements for .zuerich?

Beyond restrictions related to the Sunrise period, .zuerich is also subject to a number of different eligibility requirements.

Any of the following are permitted to register a .zuerich domain name:

  • Businesses or organizations registered with the Canton of Zurich’s registry of commerce who have their administrative headquarters there.
  • Public law entities or organizations with administrative headquarters in the Canton of Zurich.
  • Associations, competence centers, or similar organizations with an administrative headquarters in the Canton of Zurich, without necessarily being registered with the registry of commerce, but who can prove their principal activity, in the long term, has been undertaken by a public law entity within the canton of Zurich. Confirmation of this will be required.

Why register a .zuerich domain name?

Registering a .zuerich domain name strengthens the image of your business in the Swiss market, since .zuerich is specifically intended for businesses operating within the Swiss city. This is an opportunity to:

  • create a website specifically dedicated to your Swiss customers
  • create the ideal web address to promote a local event
  • consolidate your local presence in this prosperous market

Gandi Corporate Services’ advice

Since registration is only open to those operating within the Canton of Zurich, the threat of cybersquatting is considerably reduced for .zuerich domain names. It is, however, reasonable for companies to consider registering .zuerich domains whose business is related to some of the industries Switzerland is most known for, especially:

  • the banking sector
  • the watchmaking industry
  • the jewellery industry
  • the chocolate industry

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