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Gandi supports Les Coélitaires

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Promoting a free internet that’s open to all is a key part of Gandi’s mission. In the context of Gandi’s supported projects, we work with non-profits, schools, projects, etc., and lend them our support — whether that be financial support, material support, or just general advice. We’re happy to welcome the Les Coélitaires (link in French) organization to our program.

Who are Les Coélitaires?

Les Coélitaires is a non-profit collegial association with around 20 members. In other words, responsibilities are shared equally within the organization, which has neither directors nor hierarchy. The goal of Les Coélitaires is to support various constructive and socially engaged projects. Whether that means supporting an independent laboratory like hypertheses, publishing houses (like Edition Lapalissade), independent website developers like ethikmologie or free digital services like mailodie and independent (Nextcloud, web hosting), Les Coélitaires exist to help all types of projects involved in the promotion of independence and free knowledge. This organization provides email and hosting free of charge to support these projects.

Gandi and Les Coélitaires

Gandi supports Les Coélitaires in their efforts to promote free knowledge and independent projects. Sharing similar values, Gandi support Les Coélitaires and provide certain web services to them, like email mailboxes and even hosting to enable them to keep up their support of independent projects.