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Gandi supports Écritures de la Terre

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Highlighting projects that we support — organizations, associations, schools, and projects driven by a strong sense of ethics or promoting the vision of a free internet, the free circulation of knowledge and ideas, or the protection of life on planet Earth — is one of our key priorities at Gandi.

As part of showcasing our supporting projects, today we’re  spotlighting “Écritures de la Terre,” (“Writings of the Earth,” site in French) a project whose digital history with Gandi goes back far.

A tool for the transmission of knowledge in the French-speaking world

Écritures de la Terre is a digital art book based on the historical and human links between different French-speaking regions. The book is composed of a wide variety of literary articles edited by teens. It’s goal is to link up and bring together the different French-speaking communities around the world, geographically diffuse but united by a single language. This space for expression and the transmission of knowledge emphasizes the cultural heritage of French-speaking territories from the Equatorial Amazon to Polynesia, from the Gulf of Guinea to the Gulf of Tonkin, and even Acadia.

Created using free software, Écritures de la Terre is free and accessible from your computer or tablet and is referenced by Eduscol (linked site in French), the French Ministry of Education database.

The relation between Écritures de la Terre and Gandi

As a Gandi customer for a little more than 10 years, when Marie asked for our help in acquiring and managing the domain name and hosting for Écritures de la Terre, we obviously accepted. But beyond maintaining their digital infrastructure, this directory of French-speaking culture beyond continental Europe is in need of a developer and a website admin.

Also, if you enjoy the art represented on this site, you have time available to help with such a project, and you’re able to manage a CMS, please contact Marie to let her know you can help!