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Gandi web hosting and cloud hosting: our roadmap for the end of 2021

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Autumn is here in Paris, and the trees are starting to lose their foliage, but nonetheless, new things are blooming when it comes to Gandi web hosting and Gandi Cloud products!

Here are the latest updates and projects for the end of the year 2021:

Gandi web hosting and cloud news

Post-payment on GandiCloud VPS

For the first time in the history of Gandi, in October 2021 we implemented a post-payment option for GandiCloud VPS. GandiCloud VPS servers are now invoiced at the end of the month according to your actual consumption of resources (truncated to 672 hours per month).

This change will enable us to offer more flexibility and to move more quickly in developing new GandiCloud features.

Other GandiCloud VPS news

Reverse DNS management is now possible from the Gandi interface or using the CLI. You will also be able to reset it to get back to the original configuration.

Screenshot of Gandi's Reverse DNS feature

The Arch Linux distribution is now available along with Ubuntu and Debian. Here are three reasons to try it out:

  • Arch Linux is a free distribution intended to be quick and lightweight, with an underlying philosophy of simplicity
  • It’s constantly in development and frequently evolves, without major new versions like with Ubuntu, for example
  • The community around this system is very large. The wiki and forum are more or less a Bible for Linux users

Gandi web hosting and cloud plans for the end of 2021

Further enhance GandiCloud VPS

For the end of 2021, Gandi is pursuing efforts to enhance the GandiCloud VPS offering, notably, with the following on the agenda:

New Simple Hosting web hosting options

When it comes to web hosting, we’re anticipating rolling out new updates that will improve the overall experience of users.

“Turnkey” WordPress

Today, we offer a completely automated WordPress installation option to those who want to quickly create a WordPress site attached to an existing domain name (at Gandi). In Q4 2021, we’re aiming to go further and simplify the process even further: you’ll soon be able to purchase your domain name at the same time as your WordPress hosting, complete the installation, and connect your domain name to your hosting automatically.

Improvements to the automatic renewal experience

We’ve noticed that managing automatic renewals can be a source of confusion, especially when the renewal doesn’t go through as expected (if the payment method is expired, for example). So, we’re going to revisit the entire user experience for automatic renewal of Simple Hosting instances.

New Simple Hosting public API methods

We’re completing the possibilities offered by the Simple Hosting public API by adding new methods that enable you to create/delete Simple Hosting instances, purge the varnish cache, and change an instance’s password.

And, as always, we’re keeping our language offerings (PHP, Python, Node.js) and database offerings (MySQL, PostgreSQL) up to date.

A sneak peak at 2022

We’re going to continue improving our storage infrastructure, especially to improve stability. And we’ll soon be implementing new storage technologies very commonly used and requested for our Cloud infrastructure.

Also in 2022, we’ll continue to enhance our GandiCloud VPS platform with new features (private networks, custom OS image storage), and we’ll go further still to provide integrated web hosting solutions and WordPress hosting.

Finally, if you have particular needs, requests, or ideas, feel free to share them with us by sending an email to (we really do read them — and reply!)

Let’s keep in touch 🙂