Updates and releases

September 2021 release note — What’s new on our interface?

An old-fashioned computer terminal printing out a page with the Gandi logo, representing the latest updates to Gandi's platform in our release note

Welcome to Gandi’s September 2021 release note — a look back at the latest improvements, fixes, and new feature implementations developed this month to improve your experience as a Gandi user.

The latest updates this month:

A new skin for the login page

We recently reworked the login page for Gandi accounts in order to improve its ease of use:

  • Username and password recovery are now available separately in order to treat each of these two processes more particularly
  • Error messages have been reworked to be more contextual and more explicit
  • The password field now includes a button that allows you to how or hide your password, in order to help avoid typos

An activity log for organizations

You can now see the activity history of your organizations as well as all events associated with it.

  • View events for each user
  • Display details about each event whenever possible
  • Filter events by user, action, or date

First steps in the GandiCloud VPS application

We’re planning on implementing “post payment” starting October 1 and have had to make some updates to the GandiCloud VPS application, notably with regards to a user’s first steps in the interface.

  • Set up your account by following these first steps and view your progress
  • Easily save your credit card details for payments
  • Create your first resource in just a few clicks
  • Make use of advice and documentation to help you along the way

Modify your GandiCloud VPS servers’ Reverse DNS

From your GandiCloud VPS application, you can now modify your servers’ reverse DNS.

You also have the option of resetting it if you want to return to the original configuration.

Improved email mailbox management

We’ve reworked the interface that enables you to manage your email mailboxes in order to provide you with an overall better experience.

  • Now you can list your email mailboxes in a table that adjusts to your screen size
  • Display all your mailboxes in real time
  • More easily navigate using the “Return” button on the detail page of each mailbox.

DNS and snapshots change style

We have also reworked the DNS records page as well as the snapshot management page.

In doing so, we used elements with less visual weight in order to improve global comprehension of the interface in its entirety.

Filters for your list of invoices

More easily find your invoices thanks to new filters no available:

  • Invoice number
  • Invoice status
  • Product type invoiced
  • Order number
  • 3, 6, or current year in progress
  • Payment method
  • Invoice total

Post-payment invoices on GandiCloud VPS are here

In the context of implementing “post payment” starting October 1, we have created the option to generate “post-payment” invoices.

  • Quickly download your invoices in PDF format
  • Generate your invoices when you see fit
  • Display your invoiced resources by their length of use.

Behavior of tables on mobile

Rows in a table now display in the form of blocks when they are displayed on small screens.

This enables us to provide better coverage across platforms and apply them to most tables of the application.

Single sign-on service now available

We’ve put the first technical pieces into place in our single sign-on service based on SAML.

This feature allows businesses total control over authentication and log in methods for user accounts.

Bug fixes

Domain name

  • Some customers encountered a problem when they tried to activate the transfer lock on their domains. This is now resolved.
  • The duration of a domain name restore had previously been fixed to one year in the source code, but we now use this duration directly in the API, in a dynamic way. This avoids domain restore errors for TLDs that require domains be restored for greater than one year.
  • We have decreased the minimum domain length for .pet domain names to two characters, as opposed to three.