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New .cn verification rules starting January 1, 2022: what impact will it have on your domain names?

The registry CNNIC has notified Gandi that identity verifications are now prerequisite to registrations of .cn / .中国 (xn--fiqs8s) / .公司 (xn--55qx5d) / .网络 (xn--io0a7i) domain names starting January 1, 2022. This new rule also applies  to domain names already registered and may require action on your part.

The impact of the new rule on your .cn domain names

Starting January 1, 2022, owners of domain names with the domain endings .cn / .中国 (xn--fiqs8s) / .公司 (xn--55qx5d) / .网络 (xn--io0a7i) will need to verify their identity before being able to register, renew, transfer, or change ownership of a domain name. Otherwise, none of these operations can be carried out.

Gandi users impacted by these new rules will be contacted by email in order to complete the necessary verification process whenever possible.

If CNNIC, the registry for these domains, isn’t able to verify your identity documents before January 1, 2022, it will no longer be possible for you to renew, transfer, or change the owner of your domain names.

Reminder regarding eligibility conditions for .cn domain names

Both .cn and .中国 in Chinese characters are official Chinese domain endings. As for .公司 and .网络, these are gTLDs (generic top-level domains) using Chinese characters that mean “company,” and “network,” respectively.

Any business or organization, registered in an official public database that’s accessible online, or any private individual can register a domain name with one of these domain endings.

Until now, in order to be able to use a .cn domain name, the Registry has required that the owner provide official proof of identity:

  • For foreign businesses and organizations: a copy of business registration documents that show that the owner is a registered legal entity (e.g. articles of incorporation)
  • For Chinese business: a copy of the business registration certificate, the Business License, and/or Organization Code License, scanned and in color
  • For foreign individuals: a passport copy
  • For individuals based in China: a Chinese national identity card or residence permit

Defensive registrations were nonetheless possible without having to provide any of these documents.

This regulation is now changing, and all owners of .cn domain names will need to come into compliance before January 1, 2022.

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