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Gandi Supports the Fund for a free press

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Supporting those who promote strong ethical and collaborative values is an important part of Gandi. That’s why we launched the “Gandi Supports” project, a program that supports organizations and projects. The objectives of Gandi Supports are: to help organizations advance by providing technical support, and to enable them to meet one another in events that produce synergy between projects (like the Gandi Social Club).

And from this “Gandi Supports” program, we wanted to introduce you to the organization Fonds pour une Presse Libre (“Fund for a free press.”)

What issues does the Fund for a free press champion?

Fonds pour une Presse Libre (the Fund for a free press), is an organization launched in September 2019 on the initiatve of journalists and directors of the indepedent, French online journal Mediapart. From then on, the Fund for a free press has been totally independent and its three objectives have been clear: defend freedom of expression, media pluralism, and independent journalism. In an era in which journalism is becoming increasingly digital, the boundary between independent media and private media is getting increasingly smaller. That’s why the Fund for a free press supports journalists/independent media to help them stay in the media landscape.

This takes place in several ways, including direct support to media sources so that they may continue to exist without having to rely on funding from private businesses or state organizations. This support can take several forms: financial, advisory, expertise, and even access to exclusive benefits. That’s how this fund was created in 2019 and continues to provide assistance to several media sources, such as Le Poulpe (site in French), Disclose, Le ravi (site in French), and Radio Parleur.

The Fund for a free press is also intended to be a player in the independent media ecosystem by intervening in public debate. This is exemplified by the Fund for a free press’s call to “Open your windows, read the independent press” (“Ouvrez les fenêtres, lisez la press indépendante“) last October that supports independent media.

Gandi Supports the Fund for a free press

In the context of “Gandi Supports,” Gandi provides technical support to the Fund for a free press, notably through its free domain name, hosting its website, as well as advice on using digital assets. This partnership was born in 2020 and highlights Gandi’s desire to support initiatives that fight for freedom of expression and press independence.

If you want to support the Fund for a free press as well, you can make donations directly to their website. You’ll find all the information you need on how your donations will be used.