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Simplification of the verification procedure for Belgian owners of .be domains

A depiction of the Manneken Pis sculpture located in Brussels on a red background

The DNS Belgium registry, which is in charge of managing .be domain names, has informed us of a new verification procedure for Belgian owners of .be domain names starting March 1, 2022. The goal is to simplify and accelerate the verification process for this category of domain name owners.

Registration rules for .be domains and verification procedures

Anyone is able to register a .be domain name, without any particular restrictions. As the organization in charge of ensuring proper management of the entire .be namespace, the Registry also reserves the right to verify the identity of any domain name owner in the case of suspect registrations.

It’s in this situation that the DNS Belgium registry initiates a verification procedure. If the registry determines that the ownership data are incomplete or incorrect, they temporarily re-delegate the domain’s nameservers to their own nameservers and the domain in question remains registered but rendered inactive.

The registry then contacts the owner of the domain name by email to request a document to verify their identity.

Until now, the owner had to reply by email, providing the necessary identity verification documents. This process is now being updated starting March 1, 2022 and only for individuals with a Belgian nationality who own a .be domain name.

A new verification process only for Belgian citizens

Starting March 1, 2022, if the owner is Belgian and an individual, they will be directed to a dedicated webpage on which they can declare their identity directly using their Itsme or eID.

As a reminder, it is still critical that you reply to the registry’s requests as quickly as possible in order to reactivate your domain name and use it.

If you have any questions or need any other information, please feel free to contact our Customer Care team at https://help.gandi.net.