Updates and releases

February 2022 release note – What’s new in your Gandi interface?

An old-fashioned computer terminal printing out a page with the Gandi logo, representing the latest updates to Gandi's platform in our release note

It’s time for the February Gandi release note! This is your roundup of the latest improvements, corrections, and implementation of new features to improve your experience.

New this month:

More easily manage your certificates for several years at a time

SSL certificates purchased for several years need to be re-issued every year. To help you more easily see which certificates need to be re-issued, we have added a new badge. Also, you can now re-issue a certificate even if it expired, as long as the subscription is still valid.

Re-issue your certificate

Sort promos as you see fit

It’s now possible to sort promos using a drop-down menu that offers a few sorting option:

  • Alphabetic order
  • Expiration date — the closest to the furthest
  • Expiration date — the furthest to the closest
  • Price — highest to lowest
  • Price — lowest to highest
Domain name promotions

Centralized notification management

You can now subscribe or unsubscribe to different newsletters as well as emails related to your products.

  • Choose the format of the different emails you will receive
  • Select the organization for which you want to activate or deactivate notifications
  • Choose the type of notifications that you want to receive

This feature is accessible from the application settings.

Gandi participated in the publication of the Terraform community provider “go-gandi”

The go-gandi community published v2.0.0 of the Terraform Gandi provider on the Terraform registry.

This Terraform provider enables you to declaratively manage multiple Gandi products, like domains, email, LiveDNS, and web hosting.

Terraform provider

Easily see which users have 2FA activated

In your team management, you can now see a badge that will indicate whether a user has activated two-factor authentication on their account.

Bug fixes

  • DNSSEC: We corrected the validation process for adding a public key in order to make the format correspond to the algorithm selected and to avoid entry errors
  • GandiCloud VPS: We changed the way to verify registrations for users who implement custom ReverseDNS, in order to avoid caching problems
  • Domain: We corrected the process for adding a public key for DNSSEC validation, which had a tendency to stop domains from working in certain cases