For Gandi, supporting alternative projects is a necessity. That’s why we created “Gandi supports,” our program for supporting organizations/projects/schools to help them however we can. This support can be financial, or it can take the form of advice, computer equipment, or free domain name or web hosting services. The goal of this program is also to create synergies between the different projects we support, promoting mutual support between organizations and schools that can help them to realize their objectives. Our event the “Gandi Social Club,” is a time for these different organizations and projects to meet.

What is Infoclimat?

Created in 2003, Infoclimat is a general-interest non-profit organization. The initial goal of the organization is to promote the sharing of data and knowledge about climate and weather. They provide, for free, data and weather forecasts on their site, ad free.

Since 2003, the organization has grown quite a bit, having contributed to the installation of 30 semi-professional, meteorological stations in France, which generated 6 billion pieces of meteorological data that has been archived and offered for free on their website. On the strength of this growth, the organization reached the limits of 100% volunteer-based work.

Infoclimat, then, made the decision to recruit employees to contribute to its growth and meet the needs of a project with three pillars for 2025:

  1. participative science
  2. open data
  3. education and training

The actions planned include school visits in order to raise awareness around meteorology, the maintenance of their network of stations and data analysis tools, and promotion to bring the project to life in the broader community.

If Infoclimat’s project appeals to you, they are currently actively recruiting:

Gandi supports Infoclimat

We believe in what Infoclimat is doing, based on data and knowledge sharing, similar to the open-source concept in tech. Since 2020, Gandi has actively supported Infoclimat, providing the organization with technical support. We provide Infoclimat with free domain names and hosting resources (servers) for their website.

If you want to support Infoclimat, you can join the organization or make a direct donation.

You can find all the information you need to use their resources here (links are in French).