What is DIYseeds?

DIYseeds was born from the necessity of images, beyond texts, to show how to (re)produce your own seeds naturally.

This ancestral knowledge is transmitted through a collection of 40 film clips for a total of 491 minutes of content. This work is produced by Longo Maï and the European Civic Forum. The films (downloadable for free) are available on the project’s website and are also for sale in the form of DVDs. In this series, the first 8 modules (the ABCs) are dedicated to basic, general theory. The rest of the collection helps you learn how to make seeds from each specific vegetable (for around 40 vegetables). All these films are available in different languages (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, German, Dutch, and more) so as to be as accessible as possible to the largest number of people.

The overall objective of this project is to give access to everyone, without language or prior knowledge barriers, to the knowledge necessary to produce their own seeds and perpetuate the natural cycle. Humanity can retake its place in the dynamic of biodiversity to which it belongs, and thereby escape its dependence on large agricultural businesses like Monsanto that produce seeds that cannot be reproduced independently.

The DIYseeds site

On the DIYseeds website, you can find the film clips mentioned above in the form of videos available online.

You will also have access to all the resources available on DIYseeds, which help you get reproducible seeds, information about the team that filmed these educational videos and how you can contribute to the project.

Whether you’re just getting strated as an amateur gardener, have a career as a professional in the field, or are just curious, these videos have much to teach you on the subject.

Gandi supports DIYseeds 

Gandi supports organizations/projects/schools that align with our values: ethical, collaborative, right to knowledge. The goal is to create a network that can be a source of synergie between different groups and individuals and that each can bring to the other what they need. For example, an organization that needs to develop a specific, concrete project and a school that can carry it out as a part of students’ coursework, enabling the organization to develop the project for free and the school to offer real-world projects to their students to work on.

Gandi provides DIYseeds with hosting as well as several other services that support its project. This support started this year and has enabled the organization to reduce its hosting costs and use those resources to develop the core of its project.

How you can support DIYseeds ! 

You can support the DIYseeds project by buying the DVD, organizing public showings, and speaking about the subject around you, and of course, by producing and exchanging your own seeds! You can also help translate the content of the website by contacting info@diyseeds.org by email. Otherwise, you can support them directly by donating directly to the initiative.