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Special promotion on .com domains!


Starting March 15, 2022, you can take advantage of a special promotion on .com domain names! You can register a .com domain or transfer your domain to Gandi for just (Grid A) for the first year, with 2 free email mailboxes and 1 standard SSL certificate!

Please note that this promotion applies to domain creation in grids A through D and for domain transfers in grid A only.

Read more about .com prices and terms and conditions.

Why you should have a .com domain

.com is the world’s most identifiable and popular domain extension. This TLD (Top Level Domain) was originally intended for commercial websites, but today, people use it for all types of website. This simple and memorable domain ending—.com—can give your website a professional and trustworthy online image.

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What benefits do you get by registering a .com domain at Gandi?

In addition to a reliable online identity, when registering your domain at Gandi you can also benefit from the following added services:

What if I already have a .com domain?

So you’d like to benefit from this special promotion and the additional services offered by Gandi? Transfer your domain name to Gandi before the promotion is over!

Transferring a domain isn’t complicated at all! If you want to join Gandi and enjoy the many benefits we offer, follow our step-by-step tutorial to transfer your domain name to Gandi.

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Pick a cool .com name to highlight your website today!