Updates and releases

April 2022 release note—What’s new in Gandi’s interface?

An old-fashioned computer terminal printing out a page with the Gandi logo, representing the latest updates to Gandi's platform in our release note

Check out this month’s Gandi release note, your roundup of the latest improvements, corrections, and new feature implementations developed in the past month to improve your experience as a Gandi user.

What’s new this month:

Monitor consumption and cost of VPS resources

Now you can keep track of your VPS infrastructure’s resource consumption and cost for the month in progress in real time. For each resource, view the consumption in hours as well as the corresponding price.

Create your first VPS server with NixOS

The NixOS distribution is now available when creating new VPS servers. NixOS is a Linux distribution that is configured with the Nix packet manager.

Web forwarding updates

We have updated the web forwarding list and added a few features.

  • More quickly create your first web forwarding address
  • Export your list of web forwarding addresses in a CSV file
  • Manage your web forwarding addresses more easily with contextual actions
  • No longer lose track of the context of your actions with a simplified process

Create a volume from a snapshot

It is now possible to use a snapshot to create a new volume. It’s easy and quick: in the list of a volume’s snapshots, create a new volume from the line where the snapshot you want is listed. Choose the size of your volume and you’re ready to go.

Add recipients of your invoices

We also implemented a new feature for invoices: you can now add email addresses that you want your invoices sent to.

Bug corrections

Language preferences: we resolved the conflict between the language parameter of an account and the cookie of the browser.