UBports is a project committed to developing a community-based alternative operating system to big tech companies (especially the big five, or GAFAM: Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft). UBPorts is behind Ubuntu Touch, an Ubuntu OS spinoff, previously started by Canonical, for smartphones, currently available for dozens of devices. More transparent in terms of personal data and privacy, this alternative operating system provides fine-tuned control over the choice of applications installed on a smartphone and infinite possibilities to customize and adapt it for those with more specific needs.

What is UBports?

UBports is a project that aims to provide an alternative OS (operating system) not developed and maintained by one of the big five tech companies. As you can see from the graph below, iOS and Android hold a duopoly (a monopoly held by two entities instead of one) in the OS market. These two operating systems are not transparent with regards to their use of personal data and in terms of respecting users’ privacy, though.

Ubuntu is an alternative, open-source operating system available for Linux. The Ubuntu Touch project was born out of the idea of creating a port of Ubuntu for smartphone users and creating an open-source alternative to the duopoly of these two companies. First lauched by Canonical ltd. in 2013, this project was stopped by the company in 2017 due to lack of profitability. Following this, the UBports community decided to take over the project in a collaborative way by developing and continuing to update Ubuntu Touch.

What is Ubuntu Touch?

Ubuntu Touch can be seen as a variant of Ubuntu for mobile. This open-source operating system has the distinction of being completely transparent about its use of personal data, specifically:

  • Your data are accessible,
  • Your data are stored only on your smartphone,
  • Your data can be deleted on the fly.

The UX (User Experience) of the interface and pre-installed applications has been designed so that users can easily find their way around and follow the reflexes they have acquired as Apple or Android users.

As with traditional open-source software, one advantage is that Ubuntu Touch will continue to receive updates thanks to its community. It maintains the software by fixing bugs and making improvements (graphical and technical) over time. That way, the quality of Ubuntu Touch depends on a very active community that reports problems as they arise and corrects them quickly.

Gandi supports UBports

Gandi supports UBports by providing a domain name and email accounts. UBports also uses hosting provided by Gandi for their website.

Open-source projects and respect for personal data rights are Gandi’s banner issues, so UBports is an initiative totally in line with who we are. Our partnership, started in 2020, allows the UBports community to avoid having to worry about certain issues and focus on developing the porting of Ubuntu to mobile and Ubuntu Touch, contributing to offering an alternative solution to smartphone users.

How can you help UBports?

If you are interested in the UBports project and want to contribute, there are a few ways you can help the project:

  1. First of all, you can make a donation to the UBports Foundation to help with the further development of the project.
  2. You can also support them by buying items from their online store.
  3. Lastly, if you are ready to help, you can join the UBports community yourself and help them according to your personal and professional skills.