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How to add additional custom email addresses

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Gandi offers a “personal” email service with each domain name registered with us, called “GandiMail.” For each domain name registered at Gandi, you get two “standard” custom domain email addresses with 3 GB storage each.

In addition to the two free email addresses, you can also add as many additional GandiMail mailboxes as necessary, in Standard (3 GB of storage) or Premium (50 GB of storage).

GandiMail: a scalable, long-term messaging system

Register the domain name of your choice with which to create your professional email address offers you the opportunity to create dedicated email addresses, guaranteeing a better service for your customers and will contribute to your search engine ranking.

You can also buy additional email addresses, either “Standard” or “Premium.” These email accounts will first exist as “credits” on your account until you assign an address to them.

In this video, we show you how:

Enhance your online credibility and security

By using Gandi for your email addresses, you’ll automatically benefit from the latest updates and security protections:

  • two-factor authentication
  • antivirus
  • anti-spam protection
  • backup system

A full range of products to guarantee the security of your electronic communications

  • Provide your whole family with secure email addresses, maintaining control of your data
  • Professionalize your online presence by creating dedicated email addresses for each key service
  • Guarantee the availability of your employees’ or contractors’ email addresses

Video script

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Gandi’s YouTube channel!

Today, we’ll be showing you how to create new email addresses.

Gandi offers two types of email account:

  • Standard, with up to 3 GB of storage and
  • Premium, with up to 50 GB of storage

Every domain name purchased at Gandi includes 2 Standard email accounts,

Giving you the ability to stand out with your own, custom email address.

To learn more about how to use this service,

Please feel free to check out our previous tutorial at the link up above.

It’s possible to purchase extra email accounts if needed.

To add a new email mailbox to your domain name,

connect to your Gandi account,

select “Domains” in the menu on the left,

and click on the domain name that you want to add

an email address to.

On the “Email” tab, you’ll see

your two, already-used email addresses.

Choose “Buy more,”

Enter the number of “Standard” addresses or the number

of “Premium” addresses you want by using the “+” and “-” icons,

and click on “Add to shopping cart.”

You can use this service no matter what you use for hosting,

and even if you don’t have any hosting,

since this email service is directly linked to your domain name.

Of course, if you need hosting, you can add it to your shopping cart before you check out!

Once the payment process is finished and your order has been processed,

your email mailboxes will exist as “credit” in the Email tab in your domain name dashboard.

You can then create a new email address using the credits you have.

It’s that easy.

At Gandi, you can provide your whole family or all your employees and contractors with extra, custom email addresses all while maintaining control over your data and your budget!

We also provide unlimited aliases and email forwarding and we bill the number of email accounts, not the number of users, as is the case with Google Workspace.

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