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ETAM Groupe shares their experience with Gandi Corporate Services’ expertise

Since 2018, Gandi Corporate Services has supported Groupe ETAM in managing their domain name portfolio and the implementation of their brand protection strategy.

Over the years, a relationship of trust has been built between the prêt-à-porter business and the French domain name management and protection company. Karine Laroche, consumer-brand lawyer, in charge of, among other things, brand and domain name management at Groupe ETAM, shared her experience with Gandi Corporate Services support and her relationship with their large account managers.

How did you discover Gandi Corporate Services and what motivated your decision to trust them with the management of your domain name portfolio?

Groupe ETAM came to know Gandi Corporate Services through a classic sales approach. We were in a complicated situation with another provider with whom we were not satisfied. Gandi Corporate Services representatives were able to convice us to work with them.

When you started to work with Gandi Corporate Services, what were the challenges/expectations you had in managing your domain name portfolio?

We first needed to transfer our entire portfolio, which at the time consisted of around 1,000 domains. After that, we needed to “clean” it in order to only keep domain names that were strategic and/or useful for our business. Then, it became a question of finding a way of working in line with our expectations.

Would you say that Gandi Corporate Services has helped you protect your brands by providing a strategy that’s adapted to the structure of Groupe ETAM’s business?

Domain names are a vast business sector. We have been able to successfully implement a monitoring system with weekly reporting. We are submitting new requests according to our business and we study, case by case, the actions we need to take in cases where litigation may be necessary.

Our IT teams also work with Gandi Corporate Services in a streamlined way for the technical part, such as for SSL certificates, for example.

What is the most interesting/unexpected lesson you’ve taken from this relationship?

We started from far off, but we have successfully forged a fluid relationship, based on trust, communication, and reactivity.

Do you think that Gandi Corporate Services has been able to adapt to and meet the challenges linked to the protection of your brand over time?

Absolutely. On our side, we are undoubtedly on the cusp of taking on new projects that will certainly require us to register more domain names. And we have found that our online business activities generate legal issues (e.g. fraudulent websites in our name), which Gandi Corporate Services regularly helps us with.

In your opinion, what’s the main advantage or result of your work with Gandi Corporate Services?

The first advantage is without a doubt having a dedicated contact person who is always reachable. This enables us to have a certain fluidity in our communication and makes it easy to get answers to our questions.

Would you recommend Gandi Corporate Services?

Yes. Gandi Corporate Services was able to implement a custom process taking the expectations and operations of Groupe ETAM into account. I think they would be able to reproduce the same with any business, adapting to the needs of each.

We are very proud to include Groupe ETAM among our customers and we are extremely grateful to Karine for sharing her experience.

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