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How much does a personalized email address cost?

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A personalized email address represents you and highlights your professionalism, as it acts sort of like an online business card. Having a personalized email address lets you develop the image of your brand online. In this article, we will explain what a personalized email address is, its advantages, how to get one, and how much it costs.

What is a personalized email address?

Common free email addresses end in a generic name such as gmail, yahoo etc. A personalized address uses your own domain name, and you have more choices as to what to put in front of the domain. If your domain is (for example), you could choose anything you want, like or etc.

Advantages of a personalized email address

“No fewer than 139 billion emails were routed through France in 2021.”  

Data Marketing Association (DMA) study

Email addresses are an omnipresent element of communication, whether they are of your customers, potential clients, providers, or partners. Personalizing them, therefore, gives you many advantages.

First of all, you appear more professional. A personalized email address makes you look more reliable and operational, and so increases the chances that your mail will be opened over a free generic email address.

Additionally, a personalized email address increases your visibility. A free generic email address forces the recipient to look at the signature of the email to see who sent it, or even in the content of the mail itself. A personalized email address, however, immediately shows that it came from your business, whatever the name of the sender is. If you are, for example, in the process of canvassing, this difference is crucial given the likely large number of emails that your recipients already receive.

“On average, individuals in France receive 7.33 emails per day.”

Data Marketing Association (DMA) study

Instead of indirectly promoting email address providers, boost the image of your own company’s brand by using your own personalized email address. You can, in this way have control over your digital identity, while at the same time facilitating the memorization of the name of your company by your current and potential clients.

How to get a personalized email address

A personalized email address has many advantages, but how does one go about getting one? Let’s see how to put in place your own personalized email address.

Everything starts with a domain name

Start by registering a domain name. This procedure is very simple, and you just need to focus on choosing a good domain name, as it will be the one used for your personalized email address. To illustrate this, if your domain is, then your personalized email address would end in

Configure your email addresses

Once the domain name has been registered, all that remains is configuring your personalized email addresses.

You can nevertheless add an unlimited number of mailboxes linked to your domain name, and it is also possible to increase their storage space.

Our tutorial will guide you step-by-step in the creation of your personalized email address at Gandi in just a couple clicks:

How much does a personalized email address cost?

You will first need to register a domain name in order to put in place a personalized email address. How much that costs depends on the domain name you register.

If you want to add more mailboxes after that, it’s possible! The price of an additional email address of 10GB is only €3,99 excl. VAT per month.

In conclusion

Stop giving publicity to free email providers like Google and Yahoo. Register your domain name at Gandi and personalize your email address however you want. You will have a totally unique email address to boost your brand’s image!