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FAQ – New Mailbox service and management of your current mailboxes

My domain was renewed before July 13th 2023, will the change impact me? If so when and how?

If you are using free mailboxes, this service will end on November 30, 2023.
You will need to convert your mailboxes to our new Mail service by November 30, 2023 at the latest.
This will have no impact on the expiration date of the domain, which will continue its life cycle as normal.

Forwarding addresses will remain free of charge.

My domain is up for renewal before 30 November 2023, will the change impact me when I renew?

From July 13, when you renew your domain, you will be able to convert your free mailboxes to our new service. If you don’t convert your free mailboxes, they will stop working at the lastest November 30, 2023.

Forwarding addresses will remain free of charge.

My domain was registered/renewed for years in advance, do I also have to pay for the new improved MailBox ?

The expiration date of the domain will stay the same, but from November 30th 2023, service for the free GandiMail offering will be end of life. You can seamlessly convert your mailbox from July 13th to the improved MailBox.

Forwarding addresses will remain free of charge.

You can convert your GandiMail by logging in to your account, select the domain, email tab and at the bottom right you will find the button convert or renew.

If I don’t take actions on my included mailbox(es) what will happen?

If you do nothing about your included mailboxes, we will suspend your GandiMail service on November 30, 2023, or on the renewal date of your domain name if this occurs before November 30. You will be able to unblock your mailbox by switching to the new mail offer.

Will the renewal date for my MailBox  be different from my domain?

Yes, the improved MailBox  service is a stand-alone product. We advise you to renew as soon as possible.

I have paid my mailbox(es) for year(s), will I be impacted ?

The mailbox(es) you have purchased will remain as is until their expiration date(s)