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.im so ready for 2018

Dec 1, 2017  - written by

If you haven't taken advantage of this sale, think twice before thinking you're ready for 2018: ....


Let us tell you about .tel

Dec 1, 2017  - written by

We're telling the truth: .tel is on sale for half price this December.


Last chance of the year to get in the .club

Dec 1, 2017  - written by

Get in line for a .club before 2018 rolls around and get in for the first year for just $1.99

Home stretch for FR-SD2 closure and migration

Nov 30, 2017  - written by

FR-SD5 and FR-SD6 are open and all servers can now be migrated


Expand your reach with a .global domain

Nov 1, 2017  - written by

Go global for .global's second birthday and get your domain for $12.99 for the first year.

U2F now available on #gandiV5

Oct 10, 2017  - written by

The U2F standard has simplified and strengthened 2FA. On #gandiv5, you now can use your U2F key t...

Ten thousand @gandi_net followers

Sep 20, 2017  - written by

We just passed 10,000 followers on Twitter, a good occasion to look at how we do social media

Gandi participates at APNIC 44 Conference

Sep 13, 2017  - written by

Gandi sponsored the APNIC 44 conference in Taichung, Taiwan

FR-SD2 Closure and Migration Plan

Aug 29, 2017  - written by

Recently, we announced that we would be closing one of datacenters, FR-SD2 nd we outlined our bas...