Breaking news news: three news TLDs are on sale

10.13.2017 - written by

News is not dead! Get a News-related TLD from now until December 31: $4.99 for .live, $9.99 for ....

Rightside and Donuts DPML program merged

09.15.2017 - written by

Following the acquisition of the Rightside registry by Donuts on July 28, Donuts's DMPL service i...

A promo for the embattled media

03.23.2017 - written by

It's been a rough year or so for the media. Here's a media-friendly promo to ease their trouble.

Fifty-percent off .news, .reviews, and .social

12.29.2016 - written by

The power of social media unleashed with half-price .news, .reviews, and .social domains.

Huge Transfer Promo

07.26.2016 - written by

Got a domain in one of these TLDs? We have a promo for you ...

Extra! .news takes 50% off registrations

09.03.2015 - written by

Gandi.net is offering a new .news promotion: 50% off the first year

Four gTLDs are entering the Golive phase: .news, .site, .express, a...

07.15.2015 - written by

A moment in time, brought to you by .news, .site, .express, and .cafe, all entering GoLive

A stimulating sunrise: .cafe, .news, .express

05.07.2015 - written by

Three more new gTLDs are entering the Sunrise phase.