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A promo for the embattled media

Let’s be honest: it’s been a rough year for the media. No sooner was “fake news” coined to describe information from dubious sources circulating on social media that the term re-appropriated and leveled as an accusation by anyone seeking to discredit unfavorable media.

And compounding the issue, not all media have been exceptionally trustworthy either.

Well, this spring, from April 1 through June 30, maybe they can shore themselves up a bit with these media-based TLD promos, on sale for the first year and priced regularly after that:

  • .news first year $7.99 then $15.57*
  • .live: first year $7.99 then $28.87*
  • .social: first year $9.99 then $16.25*
  • .reviews: first year $7.99 then $24.44*
  • .studio: first year $7.99 then $28.87*
  • .rocks: first year $4.99 then $13.09*

Register a domain under one of these TLDs?:


*Prices in USD. Local prices available on pricing pages listed above.